Garden Planning

Garden Planning

Every garden starts off with a good plan. We have compiled some helpful resources and websites to get you started.

L.A. Garden Council

Start a Garden

On this webpage you will find documents to determine costs, get people in the garden, start your plots off with the right plants, and more! Click HERE to go to their website.

Dig it! A Practical Tool Guide

How local governments can support community gardens

This toolkit is designed to support the development and maintenance of successful community gardens by local governments.

Portland Parks and Recreation

Community Gardens Business Plan

The purpose of program-level business plan is to provide a practical tool for staff and managers to have a common understanding of: (1) the daily work that needs to be accomplished to meet the vision, mission, and goals of the program and bureau, (2) what services and activities exist and in what priority, and (3) how success of service and activities is measured.