Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility


Social equity is the economic, legal, environmental, and developmental rights of access to the collective resources of society with an all-encompassing effort by means of equal say and insight of all members of society to ensure the longevity of the collective resources and to enrich the individual lives of community members as indivisible, equal inter-respectively, and as mutually comparable pinnacles to the direction of the community and individual members in respect of need and right to access and recognition.

Racial Equity Implementation Guide for Food Hubs

A Framework for Translating Values Into Organizational Action

This report presents the basic elements of the Racial Equity Implementation Guide framework, which privileges racial equity at multiple levels of food hub operations.


Inclusion is an attitude and approach that embraces diversity and differences and promotes equal opportunities for all. Inclusion is not just about people with disabilities. When our communities include and embrace everyone, we are ALL better able to reach our full potential.

Inclusive Community Gardens

Planning for Inclusive and Welcoming Spaces in Vancouver

This document combines current knowledge of inclusivity through the engagement of existing community garden guidelines; dialogues hosted by Can You Dig It (CYDI) Possibilities, and community coordinators and gardeners in Vancouver. The aim is to understand inclusivity in the Vancouver context; investigate current attributes of community gardens and their members; and provide assistance to leaders and gardeners in the creation of more welcoming and inclusive gardens.


Accessibility is ensures that spaces are equally accessible to everyone and that active steps are taken to reduce all types of barriers including physical, cultural, and social.

Carry On Gardening

Garden Accessibility Website

This website by a United Kingdom organizations that helps people with a disability to start or continue gardening.