Current Projects

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City of Victoria Accessible Community Gardens Workshops and Toolkit

In 2020, the Public Health Association of BC and the City of Victoria hosted a two-part webinar series to promote accessibility in community gardens and provide educational opportunities for Victoria community garden coordinators. The two- part series was facilitated by Accessibility Trainer, Jan Todd at Agape Inclusion Solutions. The first workshop was entitled Accessibility 101, which supplied foundational level information regarding types of barriers and disabilities and offered insight to help bridge gaps in understanding. The second workshop was entitled A Community Garden for Everyone, which introduced garden coordinators to Universal Design principles, considerations for accessible design and areas for possible enhancements in existing community gardens. The workshop series finished with garden coordinators completing a basic accessibility assessment of their community garden.

An Accessibility Toolkit is currently being created to help provide examples of universal design principles.

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City of Surrey Community Garden Policy and Practice Audit

In partnership with the City of Surrey, this project sets out to better understand existing community garden policies and practices in Surrey and to gain a further understanding of how the City of Surrey can support new and existing community gardens.

School Farm Grants

A collaborative grant between Farm to School BC and Can You Dig It. This grant is for school districts or independent school boards that want to establish their first school farm.

A school farm is a piece of school district or independent school land (5,000 square feet minimum) that has either a farm business or a non-profit growing food for students and the broader community. The benefits of this farm are that students receive food literacy education from a professional farmer who teaches them how to grow their food. The food can then be used in school meals and other school programs. It can also be shared and/or sold to parents and community members. There are many different models of how this could look. 

This project is funded by the McConnell Foundation and administered by the Public Health Association of BC.